Higher Education: Extra Credit - Part 2

Higher Education: Extra Credit is the continuing story of Jenny McCormick, a typical college junior who finds herself in a rather atypical situation.

After a bizarre reaction to a new birth control drug left her unexpectedly pregnant, Jenny did her best to take it in stride. After all, she was getting a really nice settlement from the University for her troubles. But even so, life isn't easy when you're as big as a blimp. And it's really annoying when the babies in your belly keep multiplying at the worst possible times. But hey, what's a hyperpregnant girl gonna do?

Now in her 36th week, Jenny is about ready for it all to be over. The end is almost in sight, but there's still a few surprises in store for her and her ever-swelling belly...


Note: This entry is a continuation of previous works. For previous entries in the Higher Education series, check out this gallery on DeviantArt.

For more of my work in general, you can check out my page on DeviantArt.

This work contains: pregnancy, hyperpregnancy, rapid growth, lactation, contractions, labor

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